You can’t take it with you when you die

You can’t take it with you when you die

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Be ruthless and brutal in your decluttering. Remember you can’t take it with you when you die so be seriously selective about what you want in your life and home.


Creating beautiful spaces for you to enjoy in your life involves being selective about what you want in them. Most of us don’t start with an empty house because most of us have ‘stuff’ from our childhood home, from previous relationships and from previous homes. So we need to make time to go through our stuff periodically and make sure it’s all still relevant and wonderful enough to keep in our life. But making time for that type of task can be daunting, so I’m going to share with you another of my secret tips to decluttering.

  • Declutter when you’re annoyed

When it comes to decluttering, being annoyed can be a blessing. It takes you away from other people, who do not deserve to suffer your bad mood and uses the quick paced energy of annoyance to get through your task quickly.


Next time you notice you’re annoyed, give yourself 15 minutes and one drawer or shelf and use the emotion wisely and it’ll add to your decluttering success. Plus at the end of the task, you’ll have a beautiful new clutter free space in your home that only reflects the things you want in your life.


What area of your home will you tackle next time you notice you’re annoyed?


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