Dreams about loved ones in heaven

Dreams about loved ones in heaven

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Have you ever dreamt about someone who had passed away?


Was it such a vivid dream that it felt more ‘real’ than any other dream you’ve ever had? Is it so vivid that even after hours or days or months or years you can remember it clearly?


If so, then you’ve had the kind of dream I’m going to talk about. One of my friends had this type of dream recently and asked me about it. Here is what I think…(or more accurately what a spirit told me when I was a child) that I still feel is true.


When we sleep our energy (life energy, chi, divine spark) speeds up. Spirits (people in heaven) can change the speed of their energy so that when we’re asleep our energies are similar and there can be a ‘meeting of minds’. It’s the same type of thing Spirits do when they want to communicate with a medium. When there is this ‘meeting of minds’ a spirit can appear in our dream but it’s not a normal dream which is why it feels and looks and sounds ‘super real’. I believe it really is your loved one visiting you!


None of the dreams that I’ve had like this have ever been a sharing of significant factual information, just the amazing feeling of loving that person and being near them. I do know some people who have had very important conversations with their loved ones but I haven’t had that experience. For me they’ve either been in the background but the only thing I remember when I wake up or I’m just cuddling my loved one as long as I can before I wake up.


Have you ever had a dream like this?x


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