Dogs & Minimalism

Dogs & Minimalism

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Okay so I’ve wanted a dog… forever!!! When I was a child I used to pretend I had a dog (convinced that if I looked after it well enough & was sure it was real, then it might appear). Now I’m an adult I could choose to have a dog. I know the exact type I want… (featured below)






(that’s a photo of me with the most lovely Maltese ever, called Henry).

But I’ve often wondered about the practicalities like cost & where I’d put a dog bed etc…

Well look at this clever little design I came across on Facebook!





So if I ever have a little Maltese, you can bet I’ll have a little table like this made for his bed.

Do you have pets?? Do they use their beds??xx


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Spiritual Cleanse with Sage

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Physical health and mental strength

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