10 minute meditation

10 minute meditation

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All the great spiritual wisdoms mention it… Meditation or Inner Spiritual Journeys or Sitting in the Silence within or Communing with God or Praying.


I adore meditating, I find it restorative and peaceful. I love listening to guided meditations (but I think of that more as guided imagining). My favourite type of meditation is sitting in the silence within which for me means relaxing my body and focusing on the space between my thoughts because that’s where I find a feeling and knowing that is eternal and ancient (I’m guessing it’s my soul/spirit but I don’t really know because it has no character/personality it just ‘is’).


I went for a psychic reading for myself this month (I can’t read for myself like I do others, I get instincts and impressions about my own future instead) and one of the first things she said is that I ‘need’ 10 minutes of silence for myself every morning. And I know she’s right, morning is the time for me especially as I’m always busy after lunch till bedtime with appointments, so even thinking practically mornings are the only time I get to myself.


I know plenty of people who ‘try’ to meditate and they put so much pressure on it that it’s not always enjoyable. Perhaps because I think of it as 10 minutes of silence it takes the pressure off? Or perhaps it’s because I’m not expecting or hoping for a spiritual insight because those 10 minutes are silence for me, not 10 minutes of me ‘receiving’ messages.


I can sit in meditation easily for 20 minutes but I can only stand in some Qi Gong poses for 2-5 minutes at a time. (I can mention Qi Gong another time if you’re interested). If you’re interested, find a way that’s easiest for you, start there, keep it short and enjoy it.


If you’re interested in having a quieter, gentler mind, 2 or 10 minutes of meditation is a great place to start.

Do you meditate?


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