Stupidly Hectic? Lesson 2

Stupidly Hectic? Lesson 2

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Before you get hysterical when life is stupidly hectic – shine your sink.


Yes it sounds ridiculous but that’s what helped me the other week when everything was getting out of hand. It probably helps because we have a subconscious association with a clean, organised kitchen (with a shiny sink) and being in control. I can’t take credit for the idea myself (it’s not the kind of thing that would just dawn on me). I found it through a recommendation for Flylady when one of my favourite blog posts came into my inbox.


Flylady’s starting point and first call to action is to shine your sink. Whether I thought it was daft or not, I tried it (using either lemon juice or Viakal – secret weapons to create shine). There was no chorus of angels but it did, over the week make me feel more in control. Yes I still had plenty of things to do that were more urgent but the last thing I wanted was to be doing the urgent and important things in a flustered state of mind.


So if you’re having one of those weeks… stop by flylady and check it out Lesson 1: Shine Your Sink.


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