Avocado Toast

I first fell in love with this meal back in 2010, it was featured in a men’s magazine & all the guys at work were talking about it. Then I tried it myself & yum!!!


I’ve been trying to radically up the number of calories & good fats in my breakfasts recently to help with a health condition. So far, I feel great on giant breakfasts & loads of healthy fats!! 



Oli - hasn’t tried it yet

Fiona - 10/10




1-2 avocados 

4-8 cherry tomatoes chopped up

Loads of black pepper

2-4 slices of Gluten Free Schar Vitality Brown Bread 

(any bread will do it’s only because I can’t eat gluten that I choose this bread! You’ll need less bread if you go for a normal sized loaf, these slices are small)


Easy Peeasy Instructions:

Mash up the avocado

Add tomatoes & pepper


Toast the bread

Spread the mixture on top



What’s your favourite breakfast??xx

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