Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Smoothie (Fab4Smoothie)

If you’ve never heard of Be Well By Kelly , go check out her website, she is a very smart, very interesting lady. 


She promotes body love & freedom from cravings by balancing your blood sugar levels early in the day!


Actually I heard about her from Lewis Howes School of Greatness Podcast which is a favourite of mine! I listen to them whilst I’m cleaning or driving, check it out!!



Oli - 5/10

Fiona - 7/10



Alteration: This time I didn’t make any alterations. But Oli didn’t like this smoothie as much as his Chocolate & Vanilla Smoothie which has full fat milk, 2 teaspoons of chocolate powder, protein powder, chia seeds, coconut oil (he really doesn’t like the taste of coconut oil so we’re going to buy some MCT oil which is flavourless) & a good helping of sugar free vanilla syrup. That smoothie, he rates 7/10 but he expects the MCT oil to take this to a 10/10. Now I want to play around with some vanilla incase it makes mine a 10/10.

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