The 5 Love Languages




The 5 Love Languages is a quiz to identify your love languages.


It only takes 10 minutes and it'll help you understand how you 'feel' love from other people and if you've got a willing partner or child, get them to do it too. It might completely transform your relationship!

I adore the phrase "Love is a Verb" because we are only truly 'in love' when we're acting out of love. If we don't feel loved, it's good to ask if we are 'doing' enough loving actions! And this quiz takes a lot of the guess work out of what actions we and our loved one, feels love from.


Make sure that you share your results with your loved ones because the results are only transformational if you use them and start to deliberately show love in the way others feel it!


If you really like the quiz, you'll be pleased to know there is also a book for a more in depth look at the 5 Love Languages.



.... it's so cool, seriously, check it out! Discover Your Love Language


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