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£60 for 50 minutes

What is Reiki?


Reiki is a non invasive natural method of healing that harnesses the natural energy of the universe. 


Reiki is a non-religious healing form that is embraced across many cultures and belief systems, mainly because it works. Whether you believe it’s universal life force, Chi, Ki, Qi or God. I refer to it simply as, energy. I believe that healing is a totally natural normal state of being and that everybody I've come across benefits from Reiki. 

Perhaps if our lives were slower, we ate whole and nutritious food and processed all our emotional life events with ease, healing wouldn't be required. Whilst there are times in life that are like that, I think it's a great thing to do to give yourself the boost you need.


How does it work?


The simple explanation is that I seem to absorb more energy than I need for myself, when I’m near people who need healing, my hands get hot. That's always been the case ever since I was little. I used to give family and friends massages and all sorts of ailments cleared up in a kind of magical way. During every session I have a boundless amount of energy coming to me from the universe and I share that 'universal energy' with the client. Just to be clear it's never 'my' personal energy that I'm sharing, that would be a massive waste of time and energy and leave me feeling drained. Instead, it's all universal energy that I help flood into the clients body and that builds up their energy body until it's strong and harmonious.


Once the energy body is strong and harmonious, the physical and emotional bodies seem to heal much quicker than normal. 

What should I expect?


When you arrive I will ask you to lie on a therapy bed (you may sit if that’s more comfortable for you). At all times you remain fully clothed and your privacy is completely respected. I lay my hands on or above your body and I work until your energy body is harmonious. Sessions are £60 and are usually around 50 minutes, sometimes it's 45 mins, sometimes it's an hour, so please allow for long enough in the parking meter.

I won't diagnose you, I can't, I also legally can't because I'm not a Dr. Some healers I've met are very anti medicine, I'm not. I'm actually very pro medicine and am grateful to live in a time where we have so many life saving procedures. That's not to say it can't be better, I think it can and will in the future. I see Reiki as a complementary therapy and not a replacement for medicine so please don't be surprised if you mention a concern and the first thing I tell you to do is go to the Dr. 

People have differing levels of sensitivity to energy and some people will feel all sorts of magical things going on and see colours and feel the energy moving through them. Some won't and some will realise after a few sessions that they do feel the energy, it's just so subtle they have learnt to recognise it over time. Whether you feel something or not, it really doesn't matter, what matters is that your energy body will be strong and harmonious at the end and that usually has a strong impact on how people feel and how quickly they heal. 

I'm having Distance Healing, is there anything I need to know or do?


You can specifically request a time to receive your distance healing, but if you don't, I'll make sure it gets sent just before bed time so you're already lying down and nicely relaxed. It doesn't technically matter if you're relaxed to receive the healing, but it is always a good thing to put your body into a relaxed state when you're healing, changing emotional state or going through anything challenging. So ideally go lie down, close your eyes and put on some gentle relaxing music.


I only see 3 clients a day, whether that's for FaceTime Psychic Readings or distance healing, so I'll have to schedule your distance healing into my diary like normal. As always, I'll try to book you in as soon as possible but the good news is that with distance healing you're likely get an appointment today. 

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