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Psychic Readings

£75 for 45 minutes

Psychic Readings are often done over Skype or FaceTime in the comfort of your own home or in the centre of Wokingham.

The first thing you need to know is that, I believe we are all in control of our futures. We are the author of our own story.

Sometimes when people come for a reading they're feeling a bit lost and in need of guidance. A psychic reading is a great way to have a peek into the future.

Psychic Readings

Do you give yourself psychic readings or do you use psychics?

I do both, I have given myself psychic readings on occasion and I've got to be in such a strong and accepting mindset, that honestly I'm not always there, I'm lucky if I can be in such an open mindset even once a year for my own life. For me to get truly useful information (rather than just a daily guiding card) I have to be truly accepting of whatever may be in front, whether that's the end of a relationship or financial worries or the loss of someone I love. So in short, yes I can, when I can be detached enough from the outcome that I have clarity and let me tell you, it's really hard to be detached enough from your life to accept whatever may be coming. 

Mostly I guide myself through daily intuitions and gut feelings, those beautiful little knowings that just pop randomly into your head. Yeah, those! Well I listen to them carefully and take action.

I also have been to see numerous psychics over the years, some who were accurate but terrified me. Some who were accurate but I just didn't like as personalities. Some who were not accurate at all and seemed a bit loopy. A small handful who were brilliantly accurate and kind and compassionate at the same time, they're my kind of psychics! I aim to be as accurate as I am compassionate. It's important to me that someone hears the messages and stays open to the lessons that come through.

What happens if I find out something I don't like?

The first thing you need to know is that, I believe we are all in control of our future. We are the author of our own story.

Sometimes when people come for a reading they're feeling a bit lost and in need of guidance. I can only see your most "probable" future at the time of the reading. But you ALWAYS have the choice to change your future. If something shows up that you're not happy about, change it.

As far as I'm concerned that's the reason for a reading. To have a peek into the future to check if you're on course & if you're not, you can start making changes.

Will you tell me that someone is going to die?

That's not going to happen, partly because I'm a super huge emotional wimp and my mind just doesn't look for it. Only on one occasion over the last 15 years have I been able to figure out when a passing was about to happen and that's because it was one of my clients questions. A family member had been ill for a long time and she didn't know if the person would make it to Christmas and in the reading I saw her grieving around Spring time. It turns out I was right but that's the only occasion I can think of with a client.

Sadly in my own life it's absolutely something I see, some of my most powerful psychic visions were of births and deaths when I was younger. I like to think that those visions helped me to prepare, but it's not something I would wish on anyone. And I have learnt over the years that when a loved one 'could' pass on to heaven, I sometimes feel that too. It's always ended up being something dreadful like MRSA or 'touch and go' for a little while and all I can do is make sure that I'm calling or seeing that person as much as possible and making sure they know I love them!

So rest assured, unless you ask me specifically, my mind will avoid it. In fact, even if you ask specifically, I can't guarantee my mind will go in that direction.

How does it work?

Great question! Contained in your energy body (your aura) is everything that has been, everything that is and everything that you're currently creating/bringing towards yourself. You are kind of broadcasting that information all the time like a radio station. My special gift is being sensitive to the subtle energies of your energy body so I'm a bit like a listener that's tuned into your radio station. It's a little more in depth than that because I'm not just listening with my ears, I'm getting impressions and images and feeling your feelings with my emotions. It's like a blending of energies or a meeting of souls talking an energetic language that I've got used to understanding (sometimes even clearer than people's accents haha).

That has it's ups and downs because if I feel how deep your despair is for a particular situation, I feel it as if it's my own despair (because even though I'm sensitive to energy, I still have to process everything through my mind). The ups are huge though, the deep loving bond that a mother feels towards her child is phenomenal. I can only just catch the fringes of how vast and beautiful it is. So the love stuff is GREAT! But the sad stuff, is hard. I'm there with you when I'm giving a reading. 

Why did you decide to offer psychic readings?

Growing up I kept my gifts a secret. I had no desire to stand out and honestly back then I didn't know other people like me existed. So by the time I got to 18, I wanted my gifts to be useful. I wanted them to add value in the world rather than just be useless information I knew. I mean let's face it, we all learn pretty early on that unsolicited advice is never welcomed. I did get pretty smart at weaving ideas into conversations to get my insights across when I was younger (and possibly then started practicing some of the coaching skills I use today). I guess, I craved a way to be useful. I used to call them "intuitive insights" and I called myself "a sensitive" because I didn't know about "psychics". 

What preparation do I need to do?

Your preparation can be the difference between a good reading and a great one. Whether you come to see me or not, please always do your preparation. As soon as you book the reading, start writing down the questions you'd like answers to and bring the questions to the reading with you. The reason this is so important is that something magical begins to happen when you write down your questions. It seems to organise your energy so those questions are more likely to get answered. Plus from a very practical point of view, I will always ask you to check your questions at the end to see if we answered them all. And ... if we didn't, there should be enough time left to ask them or some of them.


When I go for psychic readings I always write down my questions, always. I'm quite practical and efficient by nature so I want to read over them and make sure I got what I came for. It doesn't always work out that way, but I know the odds are in my favour if I've organised my energy first by writing a list and over the years I've found the same is true for my clients.

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