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A Clutter Free Kitchen

A Clutter Free Kitchen

This entry was posted on July 15, 2013, in Daily Life, Space Clearing. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments (Edit)

Give me clear surfaces and clean lines in my home any day.

Having only recently figured out how to cook at the same time as moving to a house without a dishwasher, I’ve found keeping the kitchen clean and clutter free a bigger challenge than I expected. Especially since I was used to sitting down and relaxing after a meal, not getting up to clear the plates, wash the dishes, clean the counters and sweep the floor (blame me – the messy cook). It’s taken a real mindset change and that’s only because I don’t like coming downstairs the next day to a messy kitchen.

The Specific’s: There weren’t many cupboards to start with, so I had to reduce the number of things in the kitchen. It wasn’t too difficult because there weren’t many places to put things and those places are pretty small. Mostly I reduced the number of duplicate items we had like plates, bowls, glasses, cups and herbs. Here is how it’s worked out so far:

  • Cupboard 1: We’ve got things like plates, side plates and bowls

  • Cupboard 2: Contains glasses and cups with the tea and coffee on the shelf above (and a sneaky shelf at the top with just baking supplies)

  • Cupboard 3: A few herbs, spices, passatta sauce (for a quick pasta) rice,

  • pasta, quinoa, salt & pepper

  • Cupboard 4: Food stuff like porridge, potatoes, carrots, onions, oil, can’s, vitamins

  • Cupboard 5: The only big cupboard has tupperwear, pots, pans, blender, juicer, casserole dishes, measuring jug and scales

  • Cupboard 6: Is under the sink and contains cleaning equipment, filter refils, pegs, washing powder and fabric softner

So that’s it, that’s everything in the kitchen cupboards and I can’t fit anything extra in anywhere.

I mentioned that I love clear surfaces and I do, what I didn’t know is that it’s also really useful for cooking. So now I’m even more thankful that there is only a coffee machine, a kettle, a waterfilter, our cutlery pot and a radio on the surfaces.

But why oh why does a kitchen get so messy so quickly? As soon as I’ve cooked anything, not only do I have washing up, but I also have to clear the counters and sweep the floor. I’m pretty sure the rest of the world already knew about the cleaning up that went along with cooking but I was blissfully unaware.

My Mum came round for a coffee and some Reiki. When I was making coffee she commented on how clear the kitchen surfaces were and my heart did a little jump for joy! That tiny comment made all the constant effort of keeping it nice and neat so much more worth it. I know we’re supposed to do these things because it matters to us, but isn’t it even better when it matters to you and someone compliments you on it? Ahhh… bliss! So tonight I will put my feet up in the knowledge my kitchen is in order and my Mum is pleased with me too!

What do you think about the whole cooking/cleaning fiasco that goes on everyday (and 3 times a day at that!)? Makes me think I should only bother to eat once or twice, because it’s such an effort!!xx

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