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Mexi Platter

Sooo... this is a tricky one... dairy flares up my eczema so I’d normally avoid dairy unless it was dairy milk chocolate buttons (of which I’d eat the whole ‘sharing’ bag to myself). 

But at the point of eating this meal I’ll have been dairy free for about 60 days. I gave up dairy at the beginning of February. So this’ll be a little experiment to see if my skin survives or if it still flares up.

So I tried the sour cream dip & liked it!!

Oli wasn’t keen on having vegetables in the dip (he’s used to a whole bag or tortilla chips to himself) but he was surprised he actually liked it but said it’s not a meal he’s super look forward to, but he actually enjoyed it! & I enjoyed it more than expected (which honestly is probably the experience of cream again!!).


Oli - 7/10

Fiona- 8/10

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