Dearest Soul Sparkle,

Things may have seemed dark for sometime in one area of your life. These cards are a reminder to you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you are strong & capable. You do need to reorganise the amount you're carrying and figure out what's...

A sneak peak at The 2017 Make It Happen Workshop and one of my favourite exercises.

I'm all about goals and planning and vision boards. There's something really special about taking the time to set the year up right. I don't bother with resolutions, but goals and...

Firstly this is NOTHING to do with HOROSCOPES!

This is all to do with the biology of being a lady. It will revolutionise your days, weeks and months! Your biology is different every day of your cycle and you can live your life in sync with your body and know what is a...

Since I moved into my lovely little flat, there has been a huge increase in the level of amazing, outrageous spiritual experiences I've had. 

If having lots of amazing bizarre energy things happen is a sign that I'm where I'm supposed to be, then I'm definitely where...

On Tuesday 22nd November 2016, I decided to quit dairy and sugar again! BIG NEWS!! I've done it before for 8 months and felt great but invariably 'forever' is a loooong time so it came to a halt when I went travelling. But I randomly decided to quit it again, but only...

The 5 Love Languages is a quiz to identify your love languages.

It only takes 10 minutes and it'll help you understand how you 'feel' love from other people and if you've got a willing partner or child, get them to do it too. It might completely transform your...

One of my all time favourite meditations is to meditate whilst I'm in the shower.

It's so simple and luxurious. All you have to do is imagine the water is a beautiful bright white light flowing over you.

I told you it was quick, but don't be dec...

Names Changed for Discretion

Do you pay attention to your dreams? I think it's one of the easiest ways to tap into the wisdom from your intuition. So I often tell clients who struggle with meditation but still want answers, to focus on their question before going to sle...

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